Transitioning Together


Transitioning Together is an 8-week evidence-based transition education and support program for young adults with ASD and their families. The program includes 8 weekly Parent Groups, 8 weekly Young Adult Groups, and 2 individual/family goal setting sessions. Transitioning Together was developed out of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and based on 20 years of research with families of adolescents and adults with autism.




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How Much?

The actual cost to provide this service is $1,500.00 per family. Due to generous donations, we are able to offer Transitioning Together to families at no cost.

Parent Group


  • Learn about transition to adulthood for youth with autism
  • Connect with community resources for services and programs to support parents of autistic children
  • Topics include employment, postsecondary education, and legal planning and more
Young Adult Group


  • Exposure to topics related to social interaction, independent living, and self-management
  • Practice social skills, coping strategies, social planning, and problem solving
  • Fun and relaxed environment


Who is Transitioning Together for adolescents and young adults who are
  • In high school or have exited secondary education program in past year
  • Have family members willing to attend Parent Group
  • Able to cooperate in a group setting with their peers
  • Willing to participate in conversation with supports
  • Are interested in being more independent and preparing the future


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